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Week 6 Predictions: The Horse Is Back!!!

Published in GMYFL
Monday, 02 September 2013 04:47
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Football is my life and this is what I do.....If you can’t stomach the words you about to read…you need to stop..right now….. I am going all the way in…My most honest write up.  This isn’t for the sensitive. I repeat….It’s not for the sensitive.



Bowie vs Patuxent:  Lets fast forward to 7 years from now. What do you see? Let me help some of you.  I see a preview of the 14u championship.  This will definitely be the 6U SHIP.  What are we waiting for? Cancel the rest of the season in this division and go right to 11/11.  This game will be…LIT… as the kids like to say.  The best two 6u teams…..mid-season antics…….lots of size and speed.  This one is so loaded…I don’t know who to choose….but I will….DONT get your feelings hurt Bowie…..Patuxent Rhinos…are going to blow the Broncos out……score…….Patuxent 19- Bowie 7

Laurel vs Rosedale: Clearly home field advantage will be the difference here.  Not going to spend a lot of time going thru this one…….Rosedale will start their homecoming the right way……20-7 over the baby Wildcats.

DMV vs MD YOUTH TERPS:   Hmmmm  one squad is 1-3-1…the other is 3-2….who do you think will win? Can I get the Pony to call this one? I will go with MYT….The young Knights are just that…. young……not ready today, but in due time… due time…… MYT has the third best offense but the second worse defense……very confusing. SMH….Therefore, I am changing my mind and going with an upset. DMV 14-13. Sorry Sam, your day won’t start off on a happy note. 

Glenarden vs Peppermill: ALL I will say is Glenarden better represent this league well. Any team who wants to play a cross over game better understand you represent the league….Do your thing young Bulldogs….No score predicted, just do well….bring the GMYFL to 1-0 on the first crossover games. 


  This week, this is the most boring for 8u….why you ask?  Here is why…..Laurel, Patuxent, Takoma Park and MYT will all lose…..Which means Rosedale, Bowie, DMV and Glenarden will win. Basically after this weekend….not a damn thing will change in the standings. How does this even happen after 5 weeks….? But since I am the horse  and you all want me to give an analysis …I will….but it will be short…..very short. I am warning you it will be short….Did I say short?

Bowie vs Patuxent:  Ughhhhhhh…..Bowie 18-12, you know what I am going with an upset. Patuxent will win…..14-0…Watch… all going to think the HORSE is cheating with how accurate I get this one. Can the Rhinos handle business Saturday? Yeahp!!!!

Glenarden vs  Takoma Park: Ok  OK…..Glenarden has a fast running back at 8u…..That is enough to get them over the hump against The Rams, who are truly struggling on offense and defense. The worse offensive and defensive team in 8U. Does not sound like a recipe for success…..Glenarden 20-0

Laurel vs Rosedale: Bruh…..really…..(head leaning back)….that is a long ride to get stomped on by those Cowboys. That is about to happen in 72 hours.  The best 8u in the league will handle business.  Here is why. The team that beat Laurel 31-6, got beat by Rosedale 19-0.  Ummmmmm, you do the math……...50-6…. Rosedale,  in this  scrimmage….i mean game….in a land slide…35-0….and that’s only because they will take it easy in the fourth quarter and bring in the 6u kids in….LOL.

DMV vs MYT:  MYT is struggling down in the younger ages….This is two young ptograms with an upside though..  but only one will win. Stop anticipating my prediction…I told you about 20 lines up. Ha! DMV will win 18-6….easily.


This is the week of the set up…..After this week, if it goes well, the Game of the Week will be at this division. 

Bowie vs Patuxent:   The winner is in 3rd place and the loser drops to fourth. It is that simple. Bowie honestly isn’t better team than the Mad Scientist (Mosh) and his crew, but for some reason I think he has been losing his touch lately.  I am going to go with Patuxent on this one, but believe me, it isn’t the most confident pick I have made.  They better start figuring something out and fast or they will be watching the SHIP instead of being in it. Patuxent wins 13-7.

Laurel vs Rosedale:  This is not the same 10U team that won the SHIP last year, I can tell you that.  This team is rebuilding and Laurel will hand the Cowboys easily….Keep giving the ball to the Hispanic Cause of Panic ( Little Anthony)….I don’t think any 10U will beat them in this league.  Laurel will make Rosedale have their first of many sad times for homecoming.

MPG vs Glenarden:  MPG will win this game, and they have nice uniforms (LOL).  I have seen them three times and they are scrappy.  They actually can beat any of the top three teams in 10U on the right day. They really do have the best uniforms…lol. They win, as I expect, and CONGRATULATIONS 10U, you are the first age  group to solidify all 6 teams that will be in the playoffs. MPG 19-0

DMV vs MD Youth Terps:  Well….this one is pretty obvious….MYT 26-6 ( maybe)….This will set up the showdown with Laurel next week for the one seed…..which I will have a lot to say about next week…stay tuned. Feelings may get hurt and bruised… 


This weekend will tell a lot about this division.  If team A beats team B, and team B loses to team C, but team C beat Team A….. Forget it.  Basically in summary, if Patuxent loses and Laurel wins, then we have a three way tie for first place, but the other team would have beaten each other and then things get crazier.  Here is my scenario:  If Patuxent loses to Bowie then they become the #1 seed. But if Patuxent wins…then they are sitting in the driver’s seat….Laurel moves to the #2 seed, if they beat Rosedale, which they will.  A lot is to be determined here. Summary time!!!!   All these teams play each other this weekend. I love it. Since I said all that I will just give you my scores.  OH and FYI the GOTW needs to be Bowie vs Patuxent….Two teams fighting for 1st place….technically! But let us not forget Takoma Park….who can sneak to two seed but a few things have to happen, though those scenarios seem very unlikely, so I won’t bother to discuss. Hell even last place is determined in 12U this week between Glenarden, DMV,  and MPG. Winner is in this week…loser will not make it.  I can’t keep up. lol

Gelnarden vs Takoma Park:  I have to go with the Rams, it’s obvious why. Duh..  Takoma Park 19-0

Laurel vs Rosedale:  Even though conventional measure says go with Rosedale, the brain says NEGATIVE…Laurel will help tie the homecoming for Rosedale to a 2-2 day before 14U settles the tie breaker.  Laurel wins 19-12.

DMV vs MD Youth Terps:  We all know Coach Rome and the energy and personality he brings to this league is huge.  Will that same style carry over to his kids this weekend?  My heart says Rome can come up with a trick up his sleeve, but when clear heads prevail. MYT will be standing alone in the stable as the WINNER and this game will be the most talked about upset in the league. DMV will find themselves out the playoffs because they will not win their last two games.

Bowie vs Patuxent:  In my opinion this is the GOTW….Can Coach Mark defy the odds and get upset….let’s stop talking crazy….Bowie is over rated at 12U….but good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to get on the MARC TRAIN ( not MARC TRAIN…wait a minute it is spelled the same way…lol). Patuxent wins 28-0.


This division will not get interesting until next weekend….I think.  The group with the best coaches, but still has some more playing out to do.

Bowie vs Patuxent:  Patuxent is pretty much solidified as the #1 seed so……what else do you really want me to say? Patuxent wins easily 22-0

Laurel vs Rosedale:  This will be interesting because if Laurel wins they will pretty much be a #2 seed.  If they lose….they will have a showdown for 3 seed next week… Laurel has rebounded it seems.  I am going with Rosedale though 13-0.  

DMV vs MD Youth Terps:  intriguing matchup.  I like this team Sam has put together.  They can sneak up on you if you are not looking.  Terps win 25-0.  Setting up the showdown for 3rd place. 

Glenarden vs  MPG:  I do not know what comes out of this one besides….MPG destroying them.  They will not recover. MPG wins 26-0



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